Our Approach

Our Approach

Though we use the word Chaos, this is tongue-in-cheek. We are here to experiment with and create STABLE currency structures using Blockchain technology especially cryptocurrencies.


So far Cryptocurrency has been HIGHLY volatile but we have great vision for ways that the technology can be made to be stable for the benefit of all of us.

Our Story

Our Story

We have a background in technology, cryptography, business, economics and cutting edge technology. We are not afraid to get our virtual hands dirty as we think of world-changing solutions to everyday currency problems.

Everyone in the world should have access to technology, food and water and using Blockchain tech, we aim to empower people the world over.

Meet the Team


Amelia Martinez


It was Amelia's idea to do this. Blame Amelia.



David Teagan


Leads the cryptography team


Timothy Barrett


Dreamer and fantasist